Discovery Works, Inc.
field survey kettle at mission patio horseshoes survey at coastal range

1. Field survey in eastern California.

2. Patio at a mission church.

3. Examples from the Phoenix Horseshoe Company.

4. Surveying for surface indications of archaeological and paleontological resources.

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires Federal agencies to identify and assess archaeological and histoical resources that may be impacted by their planned actions. If the affected resources meet the National Register of Historic Places criteria for significance, then the agencies consult with appropriate organizations and individuals to resolve these effects.

Discovery Works Discovery Works conducts: (1) pre-construction investigations such as archival research and pedestrian field surveys, (2) monitoring during construction activities, (3) scientifically-conducted excavations to test for cultural and scientific resources, and to recover them if necessary, and (4) post-fieldwork lab analyses to identify, analyze, stabilize, and prepare artifacts and specimens. Most projects do not require each step.