Discovery Works, Inc.
Ebell Clubhouse National Register form William Henry Schmidt tunnel north entrance

1. Fran Laster and Beth Padon at Ebell Society of Santa Ana Valley.

2. National Register nomination form.

3. Burro Schmidt in front of his tunnel, 1938.

4. North entrance to Burro Schmidt tunnel, El Paso Mountains, 2003.

In order to qualify for the National Register of Historic Places a site must have historical or prehistorical significance, and must look much the way it did in the past. This is documented in a formal nomination that is submitted to the state historic preservation office, and if approved, then to the National Park Service for final review and listing in the National Register.

Discovery Works prepared the nominations for the Ebell Society of Santa Ana Valley (approved and listed in 2001, record number 135320) and for Burro Schmidt's Tunnel (2003, record number 143447). The process of preparing successful nominations, one in an urban setting and one in an isolated mountain setting, gave us valuable, first-hand experience in evaluating sites for significance and integrity.