Discovery Works, Inc.
screening for artifacts monitoring backhoe excavations field survey stone bowl

1. Excavations at an archaeological site.

2. Monitoring a backhoe trench.

3. Field survey for surface evidence of archaeological materials.

4. Prehistoric stone bowl.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), directs state and local governmental agencies to examine their activities (including discretionary approvals such as grading permits) for significant environmental impacts, including impacts on historical, archaeological, and paleontological resources.

Under CEQA, Discovery Works conducts: (1) pre-construction investigations such as archival research and pedestrian field surveys, (2) monitoring during construction activities, (3) scientifically-conducted excavations to test for cultural and scientific resources, and to recover them if necessary, (4) post-fieldwork lab analyses to identify, analyze, stabilize, and prepare artifacts and specimens. Most projects do not require each step. For every project, we prepare a written report for the client and the local Information Center.