Discovery Works, Inc.
Chris and Beth Padon fossil seaweed archaeology survey cooking feature

1. Beth and Chris Padon.

2. Fossil of seaweed (20 cn long).

3. Archaeological survery.

4. Excavating a prehistoric cooking feature.

Beth and Chris Padon started Discovery Works, Inc. in 1998. Beth Padon serves as President, and Chris Padon is Secretary/Treasurer. Discovery Works has worked for private clients, and for Federal, State, and local governmental units in a wide range of projects in southern California.

Ms. Padon has conducted archaeological investigations and directed CRM projects in California since the late 1970s. She has a M.S. in Anthropology, and she meets all of the qualifications for Principal Investigator and manager as detailed in “Archeological and Historic Preservation; Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines” (Federal Register, Vol. 48, No. 190, 1983). For Discovery Works, she administers and directs archaeological and paleontological projects, historical studies, and coordination with Native American groups.

Mr. Padon worked as a consultant and professor of economics, before returning to his undergraduate major in history at Discovery Works. Staff archaeologist Douglas McIntosh brings over twenty years of experience in California prehistory and history to Discovery Works, and provides valuable field and research capabilities.

Discovery Works conducts the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, which received the Governor's Historic Preservation Award in 2003. Beth and Chris Padon served as production editors for the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, which received the Governor's Historic Preservation Award in 2005. Beth and Chris Padon received the Mark Raymond Harrington Award from the Society for California Archaeology in 2003 and 2009.